Talks at The Towner

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Carving out a Living - Saturday 13th October (1.15 – 2.15) 

Talk by Paul Catherall

A run through my journey from a jobbing illustrator to earning a living from making prints. Looking at the highs and lows of making commissions work not only artistically but financially. Touching on inspirational 20th Century ‘commercial’ artists such as Tom Purvis, Edward McKnight Kauffer and Tom Eckersley.

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Eric Ravilious, Downland Man & The ‘lost’ Puffin Picture Book - Saturday 13th October (2:45 – 3.45pm)

Talk by Joe Pearson

Eric Ravilious only completed one children’s book, High Street, yet at least two others were planned, but eventually abandoned. Joe Pearson explores Ravilious’ ‘lost’ Puffin Picture book, Downland Man, it’s wartime context and commissioning, and now it’s resurrection.

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Down the Line - Illustration and Print - Sunday 14th October (1.15 – 2.15pm)

Chloe Cheese in conversation with Emma Mason

Emma will be talking with Chloe Cheese about her work as an illustrator and printmaker. Chloe will also talk about the work by her parents Bernard Cheese and Sheila Robinson and their influence on her own work.

TBC - Sunday 14th October (2.45 – 3.45pm)

Talk by TBC